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Singing Like a Star: 5 Steps to Discover Your Voice

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Become the singer you’ve always wanted to be with the vocal coach to the starsValerie Morehouse.

Valerie Morehouse has spent the last two decades coaching the most successful recording artists of our time. Some of her clients include SIA, Britney Spears, Sam Smith, Miley Cyrus, and now YOU. From her studio in Los Angeles, Valerie will help you discover your voice, increase your vocal range, and build the confidence you need to sing your heart out.

Using her signature coaching method, you will:

  • Identify your vocal personality
  • Understand the sound-producing anatomy
  • Learn basic vocal techniques
  • Build a sustainable singing practice

Plus, you'll learn the biggest secrets—and struggles—to being a successful artist. You’ll hear how singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs uses vocal coaching to keep her big, soulful voice in prime condition night after night, show after show.

Your voice is the most powerful and emotive instrument you have. Join an epic list of recording artists whose lives have been changed by Valerie's coaching,and hit those notes you've always dreamed of hitting.

Whether you've been singing on stage for years or have never ventured beyond the shower, this class is great for anyone who is looking to understand their voice and improve their singing. All you'll need is a space to sing, a glass of water, a flexible straw, and an open mind.

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Singing Like a Star: 5 Steps to Discover Your Voice
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