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Shifting Your Teaching Online

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Through learning this course, teachers who are carrying out or planning to carry out online teaching can further feel the characteristics of online teaching, learn from online teaching experience, master more teaching methods, and enhance the confidence of online teaching.

At the same time, each teacher in this course will share the teaching design in 20-30 minutes, and then use the rain classroom live or combine with the classroom live to carry out lectures, as well as follow-up customized online discussion between teachers and learners, so that each learner who may also be a teacher, through recorded knowledge and live Knowledge fully feels the learning experience under the joint effect of synchronous and asynchronous online teaching and learning, and deeply considers how to use information technology to increase the interaction between teachers and students, students and students, and enhance learning.

This course is a training course of online teaching for university teachers all over the world. It is initiated by Yu Xinjie, Professor of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Tsinghua University, and Li Manli, Professor of the Institute of Education, Tsinghua University. Many front-line teachers with rich online teaching experience jointly teach it. Teachers will share teaching methods, classroom organization, teaching interaction and other contents of different disciplines based on rich and real experience of online teaching and solid theory research of education.

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Shifting Your Teaching Online
10 weeks
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