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SEO Audits - Learn How To Find & Fix The Most Common SEO Issues On A Website

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Learn the exact SEO audit process my award-winning SEO agency uses. Are you looking for an SEO audit class that shows you EXACTLY what elements you should check when auditing a website?

Great, you’re in the right place.

Being good at SEO is great, however, if the website you're working on has a weak foundation, you’re going to struggle to rank it onto the first page of Google.

This class will show you step by step, how to audit a website to ensure it has a strong SEO foundation from the start.

Auditing a website is really important, as If a website doesn’t have a strong SEO foundation, then its going to be 10x harder for you to rank high on Google.


  • What an SEO audit is + How Google works
  • You’ll discover the 4 parts that make up every SEO audit
  • I’ll show you what tools can you use to carry out an SEO audit
  • You’ll learn about the most common technical SEO problems a websites can face
  • You’ll learn how to audit a websites XML sitemap
  • How to test a websites page speed
  • We’ll also be looking at the most common Onpage SEO problems a site can face
  • I'll show you how to audit a websites URLs and find any 404 pages
  • How to check a websites page titles + meta descriptions
  • How to check a websites heading tags
  • How to check for duplicate content on a websites
  • How to find thin content on a websites
  • How to find broken links on a website
  • How to analyse a sites internal link structure
  • How to analyse a website backlink profile
  • How to analyse organic search traffic

and so much more!

Instead of me just going over the theory behind all the points in our audit checklist and then leaving it up to figure it all out.

I’ll be showing you how you can fix these common issues in real-time in an over the shoulder format, step by step.

Ensuring that everything you learn in super actionable.

I’ll also be showing you some of the results we’ve managed to generate by following our powerful SEO audit checklist too!

The proofs in the pudding right?

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SEO Audits - Learn How To Find & Fix The Most Common SEO Issues On A Website
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