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Secret Trading Strategies - Crash Course 2022

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Cryptocurrency is not a regulated digital asset in most countries. All investments are subjected to high price fluctuation risks. Kindly note that any action you take upon the information from this course is strictly upon your own risk and I will not be responsible and liable for the losses and damages in connection with this content.


Most of the cryptocurrencies-related courses on the different online platforms are not actually covering 100% of trading strategies. Mostly they online focus on basic technical analysis, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain basics. They don’t cover specific topics like how to do investment decisions, where to take entry-exit, how to do day trading, and swing trading where to put stop loss and maximize profits.

Welcome to the secret trading strategies crash course.  In this course, I will only focus on trading strategies. I will not go through the basics of cryptocurrencies.

So, if you don’t have an idea about crypto basics, then I would highly recommend you to first learn basics then join this advanced course.

In this ultimate trading crash course, I will cover around 15 secret trading strategies with all rules, like where we can enter and exit and where to put the stop loss and take profits based on each strategic concept.

Course Curriculum:

We are going to cover 4 chapters in details

  1. Investment strategies
  2. Swing trading strategies
  3. Scalping/day trading strategies
  4. Breakout strategies

In this first chapter, we are going to cover fully investment strategies of dollar-cost averaging strategies for the crypto market. Where to enter and where to exit in altcoins, and bitcoins in the safest way and how to predict the bottom and top of the bitcoin cycle and its correlation with the altcoins. We will also discuss how to maximize your gains in the seasonal cycle of bitcoin by taking profit at the right time. We will cover 5 investment strategies with their rules and regulations.

Afterward, in the second chapter, we will focus on the swing trading strategies and how to take an entry, and where to take profit based on swing trading with risk management setups. We gonna cover 5 swing trading strategies.

In the third part of the course, we will focus on scalping and day trading strategies. I am gonna cover how to catch the short swing of the market by using different financial market concepts. We will cover 3 to 4 scalping/day trading strategies in detail.

And in the final module or chapter, we will go through the breakout strategies and how it works. We are not gonna dip deeply into the breakout strategies because they are somehow easy to use, so I will just give you a brief introduction and some rules about the breakout strategic trading.

About Instructor :

My name is Basit Khan, and I have four years of experience in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. This includes technical and fundamental research of this digital space, strategic trading, account management services, and crypto tutoring/training.  I am a blockchain and crypto expert on coinbox finance. I am also a crypto tutor/trainer on extreme commerce, which is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in Pakistan. Besides that, I am also a top-rated seller on Fiverr as a crypto expert I taught thousands of students the complex art of cryptocurrencies.

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Secret Trading Strategies - Crash Course 2022
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