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Scripting with Python

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The Python programming language is extremely powerful and commonly used to automate time-intensive activities/tasks for users. This makes Python a good skill to have for any job that requires automation to replace data in a file, rename multiple file names, update Excel spreadsheets or mine data from web pages. Python can be used as a steppingstone to enter some of the most exciting industries including data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, software or full-stack development.

Learning the fundamentals of programming concepts with Python includes data types, variables, decision statements, loops, functions and file handling. By developing simple scripts, you can understand how to use common scripting language constructs including lists, literals and regular expressions to build useful applications.

After taking this class, you will be able to:

Write Python scripts with confidence using best practices and coding standards:

  • Evaluate control constructs for program flow

  • Write simple scripts

  • Format scripts following code standards best practices

Solve problems before developing code by designing programs with pseudocode or flowcharts:

  • Write pseudocode to support code design

  • Draw a flowchart using design tools to support code design

  • Develop user interface for input and output

  • Develop script syntax based on a problem statement

Develop fully functional programs using a Python interpreter:

  • Determine the difference between an interpreter and a compiler

  • Run script syntax with an interpreter

  • Write script syntax with an interpreter

  • Develop scripts in an integrated development environment (IDE)

  • Fix script errors

  • Validate user inputs in program development

This is the first course in the introductory, undergraduate-level offering that makes up the larger Business Analytics Foundations and Data Management with Python and SQL MicroBachelors programs. We recommend taking them in order, unless you have a background in these areas already and feel comfortable skipping ahead.

  1. Scripting with Python - starting February 2021

  2. Structured Database Environments with SQL OR Applied Statistics with Python - starting February 2021

NOTE : While this is generally a non-credit-bearing course, you may able to use this class with proper completion for 3 credits (1 course) toward a bachelor's degree at Southern New Hampshire University.

  • Translate requirements to solve problems computationally

  • Write scripts using syntax and conventions in accordance with industry standard best practices

  • Develop a fully functional program using industry-relevant tools

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Scripting with Python
16 weeks
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