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Professional Development: Leadership Communication for the Future of Work

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Cultivate great leadership communication at work that evolves overtime with social practice artist and entrepreneur Holley M. Kholi-Murchison!

There’s no one way to lead at work, and how you lead will transform over time, but there’s one thing for certain: As long as you lead with heart, a willingness to tell the truth, and authenticity, you are primed to be a fantastic leader.

Join Holley as she walks us through her transformational leadership philosophy and how we can grow together toward a more diverse and equitable future through our life’s work.

Together with Holley, you will learn:

  • Alternative leadership scenarios that you should be prepared for
  • Skills for how you can smoothly transition through those alternative leadership scenarios
  • How to cultivate an environment for leadership diversity at your company and on your teams

Whether you’re an intern or a leader at your organization, if you care deeply about how your body of work is shaping and transforming the world then this class is for you.


This class is designed to welcome students of all levels.

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Professional Development: Leadership Communication for the Future of Work
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