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Productivity for Creators: Systems, Organization & Workflow

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In this third class in my series on productivity, I’m focusing on creators. As a creator myself with numerous different projects contributing towards my business, I’m frequently asked how do I manage all these interests efficiently and effectively. In other words, how am I so productive as a creator?

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I’ve already got two classes on Skillshare relating to productivity but this class will specifically explore productivity for creators in more depth. Throughout the class I’ll be sharing various strategies, tools and techniques that I’ve used to help manage my time, attention and ideas which are three key pillars to consider when setting up your own creative side hustles or levelling up the projects that you’re already working on.

We’ll start by discussing why you should start a side hustle and, perhaps more importantly, what side hustle can you start. I’ll talk through five questions that you can ask yourself to answer the latter question which should hopefully enable you to identify exactly what your side-project should focus on.

Next we’ll move on to talking about how to actually make time for our side hustle within our existing busy lives. This is where we’ll focus on things such as how to be efficient and effective with our time as well as how to stay motivated in the long term and deal with set-backs and failures. I’ll discuss my theory of quantity over quality as well as the techniques I use to prevent myself from running out of ideas.

Finally, at the end of the class, there’s a 30-minute discussion with my friend Thomas Frank who runs a very successful YouTube channel and an equally successful blog. We talk about all the key aspects of running a successful side project, the issues that we’ve had to overcome in our journeys and the advice we’d give to new creators.


Who am I?

My name is Ali - I'm a doctor working in the UK, and on the side I make YouTube videos about medicine, tech and productivity. Productivity is probably the issue I get asked most often about on my YouTube channel and across social media. Through reading books, blog posts, articles as well as experimenting with numerous techniques myself over the years, I feel that I've developed a bit of knowledge about productivity and that's why I've decided to put together this extensive series of Skillshare classes to share my own knowledge in the realm of productivity and hopefully help us all work towards living happier, healthier and more productive lives.


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Productivity for Creators: Systems, Organization & Workflow
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