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Product Photography: A Beginner’s Guide to Lighting

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Are you looking for a complete and easy guide to product photography lighting? Then this class is for you!

Hi! My name is Rose, I am a food and product photographer. My mission as a photographer is to help small business owners and online sellers increase sales and online presence through scroll stopping photos. It took me a lot of practice, a bit of regretful client photoshoots and tons of mistakes before I discovered not just proper lighting for product photography but different ways I can set up my scene to tell different stories. It’s amazing how you can transform your images by being intentional with your light setup and that’s what I am excited to share in this class :)

It does not matter what digital camera you are using, may it be a DSLR, mirrorless or your iPhone camera, you can definitely join this class. Basic knowledge in photography is an advantage but not a requirement.

What you'll learn:

  1. Why lighting is important in product photography.
  2. The quality of light and how to use it to deliver different messages.
  3. The magic and different effects of light directions to your product photos.
  4. How to use the color of light to create an atmosphere and evoke an emotion.
  5. How to use light modifiers (DIY or professional) to manipulate light.
  6. How to find the best spot in your space with the best natural lighting and when to use artificial lighting for your product photoshoot.
  7. Product photography light setup for different looks and vibe (light and airy, dark and dramatic, bright and warm, soft and cool)
  8. Tons of product photography lighting tips and techniques.

Who is this class for?

-Beginner Photographers

-Aspiring Photographers

-Product Photographers


-Online Sellers

-Social Media Influencers

-E-commerce Business Owners

-Anyone who wants to learn and level up their product photography using lighting :)

By the end of the class, I will show you different ways that you can set up your product photography lighting for different effects.

For the first two demos I will be using natural light to create a light and airy and a dark and dramatic scene. Then for the last two demos I will be using artificial light to create a bright and warm as well as a soft and cool look.

My goal in this class is to help you master lighting in product photography so you can be confident to shoot your products anywhere :) I hope you'll join me and I'll see you in class!

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Product Photography: A Beginner’s Guide to Lighting
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