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Procreate Practice Fun: Learn Illustration on the iPad in 4 Projects

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In this fun, comprehensive class, we’ll cover everything you need to know to create stunning illustrations in Procreate on your iPad. You'll learn by doing; we’ll drawing 4 art pieces, and all the while, you’ll be secretly learning the tools and techniques for using Procreate. This class is for all levels: whether you’ve never opened Procreate or you’re an experienced artist looking to learn digital illustration.

Procreate is the ultimate collection of art tools: you get ALL the colors, you can experiment with brushes galore, and you don’t have to worry about making mistakes! Between the undo, redound eraser tools, you can leave your perfectionism behind and just try things out without the fear of ruining your piece with an extra brush stroke or wasting expensive art materials.

Hi, I’m Brooke Glaser, I’m a professional illustrator and a Top Teacher on Skillshare, where I’ve helped hundreds of thousands of students learn illustration in Procreate and level up their art careers. The work I've done in Procreate has been used for greeting cards, children's apparel, fabric, and gift wrap.

Maybe you’ve seen a bunch of tutorials and are blown away by everything you can DO in Procreate, but it’s overwhelming, there’s no way you just can’t possibly remember it all! That’s where this class comes in. We’re just gonna have some fun drawing tigers and mushrooms and strawberries, and all the while, you’re going to be learning and practicing all those amazing tools in Procreate! You’ll learn coloring and recoloring techniques, how to customize your brushes, and tools to make drawing easier. If you don’t know how to draw, no stress, I got you! The exercises in the class are designed for artists of ANY level.

Plus, I’ve included some fun resources in this class: some custom brushes, color palettes, and drawing guides. Whether you’ve never opened Procreate or you’re an experienced artist who just hasn’t been able to wrap your brain around what the app is capable of, by the time this class is done, you’ll be up and running and know all the essential tools to create stunning art on the iPad.

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Procreate Practice Fun: Learn Illustration on the iPad in 4 Projects
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