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Print & Pattern Design for Textiles : from Repeat to Colour Separation with Sunsmith

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Hi there everyone and welcome to my class!

If you ended here you may be an illustrator, graphic or print designer that is ready to roll in the textile industry. You already know how to create the best beautiful artworks, but yeah, textiles have its own how-to's and most of the times it's quite overwhelming... Don't worry I've been there as well, I feel you!

During my career as a print designer and my experience with clients, I've been learning some tricks and techniques that are really useful when creating a print. Because in textiles that not just need to be good looking to the eyes but also good looking for the producers and printing houses.

So in this class, we're going to learn how to work a print design and get it ready to production for textiles. From the beginning to the end I'll be guiding you in every step showing how do we do it in Sunsmith, sharing the savoire faire of our studio with you. Isn't that exciting?

These are some of the processes that we're going to learn in different kinds of artwork, so you'll feel free and confident to create both abstract and figurative prints!

  • Cleaning the Artwork
  • Repeating the Pattern
  • Doing Colour Separations
  • Preparing Final Files to print

To do that we'll need some help from our trusted and well-known software. As this is an specific course you should have already some skills and fluidity using these:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator

I would also recommend that if you have one, use a graphic tablet as it will make processes more fluid.

Time to roll!

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Print & Pattern Design for Textiles : from Repeat to Colour Separation with Sunsmith
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