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Price Action Trading MasterClass [ 3.5 Hours]

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Are you tired of constant losses in the market?

And  you have  started loosing confidence on all those complicated indicators?

Are you tired of constant losses in the market?

And  you have  started loosing confidence on all those complicated indicators?

And you struggling to find ideal entry and exit points in the market?

You even find it difficult to spot trends in the market and often catch the trends when its too late.

If answers to all these questions is big "YES", then this course is a perfect solution for you.

Huh? What is a Price Action Trading?

“Price Action Trading is the discipline of making all of your trading decisions based on the actual price movement on the chart, as opposed to using lagging indicators for entry and exit.”

This course is applicable to Stocks, Forex, Commodities and even to Crypto Currencies.

This course is must for for both aspiring  and professional traders who want to obtain deeper knowledge of what is called “ the Naked Trading” that is trading based on simple price action.

This course teaches the insider knowledge to Price Action Trading. We do NOT promise that you will turn rich overnight. We do not make ridiculous and false claims (like those you see in other courses and Online Advertisements) that you will make 5000$ per trading session.

This course WILL, however, offer you my years of experience in stock market. You will understand the pitfalls and keys to succeed in price action trading and stock market. You will be saved from hundreds of mistakes I made in my Trading Journey.

So whether you want to generate some side income by trading stocks or if you want to make trading your only source of income (like our Traders), then this course is for you.

Course Structure-

1) Price Action Trading Introduction.

2) What is Price Action Trading?

3) Advantages of Price Action Trading.

4) Long And Short Positions.

5) Order Types.

6) Candle Sticks Intro ( With reference to Price Action).

7) How to Identify Market Trends?

8) Mastering Trend lines.

9) Support and Resistances.

10 Pin Bars.

11) Confluences- Important Price Action Concept.

12) Pin Bar Trading Setup.

13) Inside Bar Trading Setup.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to get into Price Action Trading
  • Anyone who wants to understand how Price Action works
  • Anyone who wants to simplify trading and trade without using much indicators.
  • Anyone who wants to learn perfect entry, stop loss and target strategies
  • Anyone who wants to master trendlines and gauge the market trends perfectly
  • Learn new price action trading setups.
  • Young adult and teens looking to trading as a career
  • Who should NOT take this course: Those wanting a secret recipe to become billionaire overnight
  • Learn how to manage and reduce risk with different entry and exit positions
  • Know the best Chart Patterns that Traders use to make money.
  • Learn Risk Management (how to reduce losses).
  • How to place your orders perfectly and learn different types of orders in Price action.

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Price Action Trading MasterClass [ 3.5 Hours]
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