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Powerful Social Media Marketing for Beginners

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Exceptional social media marketing is a key aspect of succeeding online for any business. So whether you're looking to learn this as a skill to grow your own business or you want to become a social media manager and work for businesses all over the world - this course is for you!

This course is designed in a way that will take you from being a complete beginner in the world of social media, to an absolute pro using only free online tools.

All of the content you will find here, is based on the exact tips and techniques I wish I knew about when I first began working online as a social media manager, combined with the latest knowledge of the rapid-moving social media world.

This is a longer course so I have divided it into the following main sections to make it easier for you to break your learning down into chunks:

Setting Up for Success

  • By the end of this section, you’ll have the confidence that no matter what your current skill level is in this area, you absolutely CAN succeed in becoming an exceptional social media marketer.

Social Media Platforms

  • This is where we’ll cover how to use each of the main social platforms for business instead of for personal use and how to get the most out of your time spent on each platform.

Branding and Content Marketing

  • Here, you’ll discover how to develop powerful brands, create beautiful graphics, and write compelling content.

Social Media Strategy

  • You will learn the importance of having a strategy in place and how to develop an invaluable strategy for any business.

Optimise Your Workflow

  • Get to know handy scheduling tools, project management systems and other handy tools that will help you get more out of the time you spend online.

Paid Ads

  • In this section of the course we’ll be diving into the world of Facebook Ads as well as how you can easily advertise on other social platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Measuring Success

  • This is where you’ll learn how to measure the success of your efforts and make adjustments going forward based on what’s working and what isn’t.

What’s Next?

  • In the last section of the course, we’ll dive into understanding your client’s business outside of just their social media content. This is where you’ll supercharge your knowledge and start thinking about how everything fits together in the business and marketing space.

And of course, you’ll have your handy course guide with links to all the tools and resources we’ll be using throughout the course and a few additional ones I thought might be helpful. Make sure to download it from the Projects & Resources section before you begin!

Thank you for wanting to learn from me and I can’t wait to see you on the inside!

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Powerful Social Media Marketing for Beginners
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