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Portrait Drawing for Beginners: How To Draw Faces Quickly And Accurately

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In this class, you will learn how to draw any face you want - quickly, accurately, and creatively.

I will teach you the concepts that have made the biggest difference for me in my practice, like picking the right reference photo, and approaching my portrait in the right order: Starting with big but accurate shapes, placing the facial landmarks before starting on details, and working with light and shadow. We'll also touch upon the challenge of capturing likeness, and how to shade our drawings to give them some depth and drama.

This class is primarily for beginners. We're keeping things quick and relaxed. No anatomy lessons or complicated wireframe blueprints. No aim for photo realism. Instead, we're focusing on simple but powerful observation skills and sketching techniques that will de-mystify portraits. And on developing our creativity and artistic expression with our drawings.

Your class project will be to apply what you have learned in a series of 3 small portrait sketches. And by that time, you will have the tools and strategies that will make portrait drawing feel easier and more fun.

To see more of my work, go to my website: I also have a YouTube channel, where you'll find more art tutorials, tips and talks about art and the creative life.

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Portrait Drawing for Beginners: How To Draw Faces Quickly And Accurately
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