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Photography Fundamentals: Creating Powerful Photos with Compositional Techniques

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In this class, Documentary Photographer and Photojournalist, KC Nwakalor breaks down the various compositional techniques you can apply in order to have a better outcome in your photographs.

Composition refers to the placement and relationship of elements within a picture. The arrangement of elements in a scene, the angle they are shot at, the height we shoot from, and the distance the photo is taken from, can completely change the final outcome of the photograph. The composition can ultimately determine the difference between a good and a bad picture.

As a professional photographer with over 5 years of working experience, photographing stories for numerous international publications and organizations, KC teaches you the various compositional techniques he utilizes in his own practice that enables him to capture meaningful photographs.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Choosing the Right Lens: How various lenses interpret the same scene differently.
  • Exploring the Subject or Scene: Finding the perfect angle, distance, height to take the shot.
  • The Rule of Thirds: A classic compositional technique! Place your subject along the intersections to create a strong image.
  • Balance: Spread out the visual weight of your elements.
  • Point of View: Give your viewers a new perspective.
  • Simplicity: A minimalist approach to capture beauty.
  • Lines: Learn and utilize the five types of lines.

This class is ideal for beginner level photographers.

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Photography Fundamentals: Creating Powerful Photos with Compositional Techniques
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