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Photography Essentials: 10 Exercises for Better Photos

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Feeling overwhelmed by all the photography information online? Sean's got you covered.

In this activity based class Sean guides you through 10 essential photography exercises that will help you develop a strong foundation for capturing beautiful photos. You will learn all the most fundamental lessons of photography, as well as countless tips and tricks that will help you establish yourself as a photographer.

Here are some of the things you will learn:

  • How to capture unique compositions that stand out
  • How to understand light like a veteran photographer
  • How to find complementary colors in nature
  • How to master aperture and shutter speed
  • How to plan and execute a photoshoot from start to finish
  • How to find your unique photography style
  • Plus countless other tips that will propel your photography skills even further.

This course was designed for:

  • Beginner photographers with little to no experience who want to improve their photography skills
  • Intermediate photographers who want a deeper understanding of foundational photography concepts
  • Anyone who wants to improve their general knowledge of photography in order to capture beautiful images

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Photography Essentials: 10 Exercises for Better Photos
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