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Personal Finance 101: Take Control Of Your Finance - #2 Investment and Debt Management

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Welcome to the course 2 of the series: Personal Finance 101: Take Control of Your Finance. In the second course we will focus on Investment and Debt Management from a personal finance perspective.

You can access the course 1 of the series here:

Here are the topics we will cover in course 2.

  • Inflation vs Investment - why investment is almost essential to avoid losing monetary value
  • Importance of investing with a long term horizon
  • Magic of Compounding and Rule of 72
  • Where can you invest?
  • Introduction to Stocks
  • Stock Price vs Market Cap - why market cap is more important that stock price itself.
  • Introduction to ETFs
  • Stock Picking vs Investing in ETFs
  • Alternative Investing - investing options beyond stocks of companies
  • Importance of Portfolio Diversification - how diversification helps get better return to risk ratio
  • Some Tips for beginners in investment
  • How to slay the debt dragon - strategies to pay off loan faster
  • Which loan gets the extra dollar - highest interest or lowest monthly payment one? There's ONE right answer.

By the end of this course, you will have a sound understanding of your investment options, and clarity on how to attack and strategically payoff your debts faster.

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Personal Finance 101: Take Control Of Your Finance - #2 Investment and Debt Management
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