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Penetration Testing - Exploitation

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This is the 8th course in the intermediate, undergraduate-level offering that makes up the larger Cybersecurity Fundamentals MicroBachelors Program. We recommend taking them in order, unless you have a background in these areas already and feel comfortable skipping ahead.

  1. Information Security - Introduction to Information Security
  2. Information Security - Authentication and Access Control
  3. Information Security - Advanced Topics
  4. Network Security - Introduction to Network Security
  5. Network Security - Protocols
  6. Network Security - Advanced Topics
  7. Penetration Testing - Discovering Vulnerabilities
  8. Penetration Testing - Exploitation
  9. Penetration Testing - Post Exploitation

These topics build upon the learnings that are taught in the introductory-level Computer Science Fundamentals MicroBachelors program, offered by the same instructor.

This is a self-paced course that continues the development of ethical hacking skills. The curriculum provides an introduction to the exploitation phase of penetration testing topics. Among the topics covered are foundations of explorations, application debugging, reverse engineering, exploitation development, and web application exploitation. In this class, students learn the third phase of penetration testing; exploitation. In the exploitation phase, the penetration testers try to exploit security weaknesses actively. Exploits are developed to, for example, gather sensitive information or to enable the ethical hacker to compromise a system and manifest themselves on it. Once a device is successfully compromised, it is quite often possible to penetrate more systems because the malicious users now have access to more potential targets that were not available before. The additional marks are accessible because the compromised system can interact with internal devices that are not accessible from the Internet. For any new targets, the reconnaissance and enumeration phases are re-entered, to gather information about these new systems and exploit them.

Industry Certification Preparation

This program covers much of the material that is assessed on the CompTIA’s Security+ certification exam. Upon program completion, verified track learners will receive a 36% discount code for the CompTIA Security+ exam.

  1. Apply methodology to penetration tests to ensure they are consistent, reproducible, rigorous, and under quality control.
  2. Analyze the results from automated testing tools to validate findings, determine their business impact, and eliminate false positives.
  3. Discover key application flaws.
  4. Use programming to create testing and exploitation scripts during a penetration test.
  5. Discover and exploit SQL Injection flaws to determine true risk to the victim organization.
  6. Create configurations and test payloads within other web attacks.
  7. Fuzz potential inputs for injection attacks.
  8. Explain the impact of exploitation of application flaws.
  9. Analyze traffic between the client and server application using tools.
  10. Discover and exploit Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attacks.


Week 1 - Exploitation Pt 1 - Foundations

Week 2 - Exploitation Pt 2 – App Debugging Reversing, and Exploit Development

Week 3 - Exploitation – Web App Pt 1

Week 4 - Exploitation – Web App Pt 2

Week 5 - Final Exam

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Penetration Testing - Exploitation
5 weeks
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