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Paint a Stunning, Dramatic Bouquet! (even if you think you're "not creative")

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“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”  John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice, 1851

Hi there, my name is Suzanne Allard, I’m a floral painter and creativity teacher. We all have a creative spirit, sometimes it’s a bit buried under the rubble of fear and negative messages we may have received in our lives.

I think color and paint is a way to open that up, to clear out the rubble, uncover and let that creative spirit loose, set it free so that you can create the way you were meant to.  So let’s do that while creating a stunning piece that you can hang in your home to remind yourself of how brave you are!

Calling all “creative” and "not creative" people who want to paint!

  • In this class, I’ll take you step-by-step through creating a colorful bouquet with a darker, dramatic background. This kind of piece is a show-stopper and so fun to create – you’ll be amazed at what you can do!
  • I’ll be by your side painting along with you with lots of visual coaching.
  • If you find yourself timid about using bright colors, this will stretch you out of your color comfort zone, so buckle up!
  • Join a friend or two and turn this into a virtual painting party with family or friends if you so desire. Or do it by yourself.  Either way, you’ll be surprised at what you create!
  • I’ve also included a digital download of the piece we create and some inspiration photos.  You are free to enjoy it but not to sell the artwork.
  • Let’s have some fun and relax while making something beautiful!

Packed with all the techniques and approaches in Suzanne’s work, key lessons will cover:

  • Supplies and tools
  • Inspiration for these blooms and colors
  • Deciding on orientation, composition, and colors
  • Sketching the basic composition
  • Painting layers of blooms and leaves
  • Adding a dramatic background
  • Adding the berries, stems and small leaves
  • Adding details and shading to make the piece come alive!
  • Flattening and protecting your painting for framing

Maybe you’ve been painting and would like to learn how to compose a bouquet like this, or maybe you’ve never painted.  Either way, come along and be inspired and supported while you learn to create something you didn’t know you could!

Resources and Goodies:

Check out Suzanne’s recommended books and supplies on her website where she also has the "Your Creative Adventure" email newsletter with creative inspiration, tools and tips and a free artwork download, all at:

Be sure to download all the goodies in the resources section! Of course, these items are for your use only, not for sale.

Find Suzanne on her blogFacebook and Instagram. She also just launched a Youtube channel!  Join her on Pinterest for inspiration.

Follow Suzanne here on Skillshare and look for her next class, she'll be adding them every couple of months!

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Paint a Stunning, Dramatic Bouquet! (even if you think you're "not creative")
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