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Options Trading: Stock Options Intermediate - 1

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In the first course ' Introduction to Stock Options' we covered the fundamentals of stock options and explored the usage on buying and selling single call and put options.

In this class we will go through the spreads of 'Stock Options' created by a pair of options. Spreads can provide us with better control on the risk-reward balance. We will cover the following in this course:

  • Vertical Spreads
    • Bull Call Spread
    • Bear Call Spread
    • Bull Put Spread
    • Bear Put Spread
  • Straddles
    • Long Straddle
    • Short Straddle
  • Strangles
    • Long Strangle
    • Short Strangle

We will do whiteboard sessions to make sure the concepts become easy to follow and understand. We will also do a live demo on a terminal to see how orders for these spreads can be created easily.

Looking forward to see you in the class!

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Options Trading: Stock Options Intermediate - 1
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