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Negative Watercolor Painting in Procreate

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Negative painting is the practice of painting around an object rather than painting the object itself. When layers of negative painting are used in a piece, it creates fantastic depth. Often times, embellishing the final piece with some details is preferred and really finishes a piece nicely.

In this class, I will show you a technique to do negative painting in Procreate. We will use Procreate’s digital abilities to make these paintings in a fun and creative way without the tedious hand painting that is involved when doing it on paper! You’ll need an iPad with the Procreate app, as well as a stylus! It would be best to already be familiar with the Procreate app before taking this class.

I have loads of free brushes and a beautiful Procreate canvas for you so you can achieve a hand-painted look with ease. Join me!

Head on over to my Skillshare profile to find links to my Instagram, my Facebook group for procreate artists, and more! Enjoy!

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Negative Watercolor Painting in Procreate
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