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Modern Meditation: Discover Your Potential, Power & Purpose

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Tune into yourself—and take action towards the life you’ve always wanted—on this 10-day meditation journey with Justin Michael Williams.

You may think you know what meditation is all about: that you have to sit uncomfortably straight with your legs crossed, that it’s about quitting the mind and zoning out, that if you don’t do it every day you’re doing it wrong. And maybe because of these things, you’ve decided meditation isn’t for you.

Game-changing teacher, author, and musician Justin Michael Williams is here to help you throw all that out the window. He views meditation as a space to listen to yourself, to connect with your power, and to determine actions that will transform your life. And in this 10-day class, he’ll teach you how to build a practice to do just that.

Each lesson will start with a short talk to introduce some new ideas and tools before diving into an audio-only, guided meditation. You’ll also be provided with some fun and thought provoking journal prompts to fill out after each practice, helping you turn your ideas into action.

In just 10-20 minutes a day and with Justin as your down-to-earth guide, you’ll:

  • Visualize your dream life and take action steps towards it
  • Identify the aspects of your life need the most attention right now
  • Break through self-sabotage and fears getting in your way
  • Understand the energy you want to bring into the world
  • Dispel common myths about meditation to find what works for you

By the end of the class, you won’t need any guidance at all—you’ll leave with a personal practice tailored to you, a toolbox of ways to stay connected to your center, and some bonus meditations and other resources to help you out when you need a boost.


Justin is dedicated to making meditation accessible and inclusive for all, so whether you’ve never meditated in your life, keep falling in and out with your practice, or have been doing it for years, you’re sure to find some life-changing value from spending the next ten days together.

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Modern Meditation: Discover Your Potential, Power & Purpose
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