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Meditative Bedtime Routine: Mindful Patterns & Affirmations for Better Sleep

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Once we learn to dig deep within ourselves for answers and trust our inner wisdom, it gets easier to navigate through this crazy, magical journey called Life!

In this class, I will share with you the way I turned inwards for answers and developed a framework that helped me overcome sleep obstructive thoughts and unravel restlessness before hitting the bed. Each lesson in this class is packed with steps to reflect, ways to meditate through the patterns, ideas to adapt and accept the affirmations along with some stories and some examples.

In this class you’ll learn to :

  • Get into the flow state and leave the day in the day
  • Use affirmations to change the way you view your agency in a given situation
  • Silence your inner critic through self compassion
  • Change the way you view sleep and rest
  • Build a sustainable and calming pre-sleep routine

So, whether you toss and turn all night worrying about all things you haven’t done and replaying negative memories or whether you just want to do an activity before sleeping, that doesn’t involve any type of screen, then this is class for you. At its core this class is about meditation, intention setting, healing, breaking old conditioning, relaxation and that’s something anyone and everyone can benefit from right ?

With each mindful movement, we will make a choice to move away from fear and worry and move towards the present moment, where we can quieten the inner chaos and make way for affirmative thoughts to sleep better. And to that we just need some coloured pens and paper! So grab those basic supplies and join me in the class :)

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Meditative Bedtime Routine: Mindful Patterns & Affirmations for Better Sleep
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