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Matchbox Label Techniques: Illustration, Vintage Design & Print Textures

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In this class, we’ll dive together into the magnificent world of vintage design by looking closely at amazing matchbox labels throughout their histories. We’ll explore and discover some of the key concepts that designers used back then and learn from them. I’ll take you through the whole process from inspiration and brainstorming to finding a way to express your complex ideas in a visually simple, yet effective way. And last but not the least, for a bit of nostalgic throwback, we’ll be replicating the classical print effects in our matchbox design by using Procreate and a bit of Adobe Photoshop at the end.

This intermediate class is for illustrators, designers, and all you vintage enthusiasts. I made this time-traveling journey in a way that you end up with amazing design ideas for personal and professional projects. By the end of this class, not only will you have the knowledge to understand and replicate these vintage designs, but you’ll also have new visual ideas and principles that you can add to your professional repertoire when working on modern designs and illustrations.

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Matchbox Label Techniques: Illustration, Vintage Design & Print Textures
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