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Mastering Gradients in Adobe Illustrator

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Level up your gradient skills with our special tips, tricks & techniques ranging from beginner to advanced Illustrator levels!

I'm Evgeniya Righini-Brand, and with this class I invite you to master gradients in Adobe Illustrator. Whether you’re going for a vibrant and dramatic look, or something more subtle and dreamy, something minimalistic or elaborate and experimental, gradients create a sense of depth, allowing you to change the feel of any design, object and environment!

This class is suitable for anyone who loves gradients, and I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make awesome gradient-based designs suitable for both digital and print projects.

In this in-depth class you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right colours to create beautiful smooth transitions and avoid murky gradients and colour banding;
  • How to unlock the full potential of Linear, Radial & Freeform Fill Gradients, including how to use multiple gradient fills and how to apply gradients to editable type;
  • How to make the most out of different types of Stroke Gradients;
  • Experimental techniques for creating gradients by using Gradient Meshes, Blends and Opacity Masks;
  • Techniques for taking your gradient designs a step further to get a perfect colouring, silky smooth transitions & a beautiful textured look;
  • How to create and use gradient assets, such as Gradient Swatches, Graphic Styles & Gradient Brushes to speed up your workflow or to sell as digital assets;
  • How to prepare your work for print & digital use.

I’m super excited to see your gradient experiments! Join now and let’s make something awesome!

This class was recorded in Illustrator CC 2020, but most of the covered tools and techniques can be used in older versions of Illustrator just as well, and so far there has been no significant changes to the tools used in this class in newer Illustrator versions.

Giveaway 2021:

To celebrate this massive class update we will be hosting a giveaway in which you can win 1 out of 5 Gradient Design Kits which include gradient swatches, graphic styles and gradient brushes and one lucky winner will also receive 1 year of Skillshare Premium Membership!

To participate:

  • watch the updated class;
  • leave a review for this class or update your previous review;
  • post a project in this class or update your old project with some new experiments;
  • and follow us here on Skillshare.

If you have participated in our original contest back in 2017 when we published the first edition of this class, you are more than welcome to enter this giveaway as well!

Entry deadline is at noon EST on Monday, March 29th 2021. The winners will be drawn at random and announced the following day!

I cannot wait to see your entries, and good luck!


Gradients — research & inspiration board on Pinterest

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Mastering Gradients in Adobe Illustrator
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