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Master SWOT Analysis and Business Strategy for Ongoing Success

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No matter what kinds of businesses you are in, every organization wants to achieve its objectives, say amazing profits, large market share, good reputation etc.  They also want to be sustainable and stay competitive in the long run.  But how to do it?

In this course, we will explore a winning formula to achieve your desired outcomes.  We will start by understanding the SWOT analysis in details as you need to fully assess your current position before thinking how.  You will learn how to get a comprehensive view of the current position of an organization without missing any key factors. You will learn 5 useful techniques to get this done, namely MOST Analysis, Resources Audit, BCG Matrix, PESTLE Analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Model.

Just knowing your current position is not enough.  You will then learn how to make use of the SWOT analysis and derive your business strategies.  We will go through the 3 stages of business strategy, including formation, implementation and performance measurement.  You will learn how to conduct each part successfully by using 5 additional helpful techniques, namely new SWOT analysis, Ansoff’s Matrix, McKinsey’s 7S Model, POPIT Model and Key Performance Indicators.  You will also learn an easy approach, the Outcome Frame, to deep dive each strategy and get a complete picture from another perspective.

To conclude, this is the course for everyone who wants to help your organization and team to be successful.  You will learn the SWOT analysis in details and also get learn 11 great business analysis techniques!  All these are essential knowledge that everyone in business, particularly entrepreneurs and leaders, should know about.  This is also the basic MBA knowledge that you should have.

If you want to learn all these, please enroll the course now!

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Master SWOT Analysis and Business Strategy for Ongoing Success
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