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Master Masking Fluid in Watercolor Painting: 10 Days of Discovery

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This class is a relaxed exploration of using masking fluid within watercolor painting. Having a jar of masking fluid in your art box gives you options as once it’s dry it can be peeled off, revealing the untouched white paper underneath.

It’s a bit like magic!

There are 10 demos, starting with some warm ups that will build up your practical knowledge and patience. Followed by some really fun projects covering florals, patterns, landscapes and food.

If you are new to using masking fluid, unsuccessfully tried it in the past or seeking to find fun ways of incorporating it into your watercolor practice then this class will provide many effective tips. Think beyond the brush to achieve an array of different textures and effects using masking fluid.

You will consider:

  • which papers work best
  • the different drying stages we have to be mindful of
  • successful removal of masking fluid after it’s dried

For some of you, masking fluid could be a totally new medium and you want to find success. However in order to get to that stage, it's very important to undertake a few explorations with new tools before actually trying them out in a painting!

If you have any questions about the processes that you’ve seen in the class please feel free to reach out to me using the Discussions section.

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Master Masking Fluid in Watercolor Painting: 10 Days of  Discovery
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