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Make Your Art: Time Management for Creatives

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Do you feel like you're just too busy to make your art? I totally get it! In this class, I'll teach you a variety of effective time management tools to makemore space in your schedule for your art, creative practice, and to build your creative business. These skills can also be applied to manage your creative projects, as well.

I am an Illustrator who has spent the past 5 years working a multitude of jobs while also carving out the time to make my art and build my creative business, Prints & Plants. To do this, I've had to learn how to implement many time management skills and tools over the years.

Now, I'm so stoked to share all that I've learned (and still practice!) with you. This class is filled to the brim with my best tips for you to make more time to make your art.

This class is for you if:

  • you're working one, two, or three other jobs while trying to build your creative business
  • you're an artist who is balancing many responsibilities and want more time for your practice
  • you feel like you have little to no time for your creative practice
  • you think time management is too difficult
  • you think time management is boring
  • you think scheduling will cramp your creative style
  • you have so many ideas inside, asking to be created, and all you need is more time

In This Class, You'll Learn How to:

  • Uncover your why
  • Set boundaries - and stick to them!
  • Block your schedule
  • Make traction on your dream - one step at a time
  • Celebrate every step - big and small!
  • Set annual goals
  • Set monthly goals
  • Set weekly goals
  • Set daily goals
  • Reach your goals!

You'll Walk Away From This Class With:

  • A clear approach to schedule time for your art (no matter how busy you are!)
  • A variety of effective time management tools for you to practice
  • A renewed sense of focus and energy for your creative practice
  • A heightened sense of value for your art and/or creative business (the world needs your art!)
  • Time Management skills that can be applied to creative project management
  • A scheduling template that you can use as your planner!

What You Need:

  • Pencil or pen
  • The scheduling template PDF provided in the Resources section
  • Some scrap paper to journal your answers to prompts throughout the class
  • An open mind and readiness to make time for yourcreative practice!

Get Social!

Share your journey! Snap a photo as you work your way through this class, and post it to Instagram. Be sure to tag @prints_and_plants and #createwithliz so I can cheer you on!

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Make Your Art: Time Management for Creatives
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