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Make Artisan Butter Croissants!

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In this class you will learn the methods & techniques to make your very own Artisan Croissants using your own Sourdough Starter! This class will also introduce you to some of the more Advanced Pastry & Baking techniques which we will explore using simple yet informative instructions!

In this class, we will be going over various pastry techniques such as Beurage CreationCroissant Dough Shaping & Heated Proofing, all of these will help you achieve Sourdough Croissant Mastery!

Included in this class is also a free PDF guide containing all recipe Ingredients & Instructions for quick and easy reference.

All baking temperatures & measurements are provided in both Metric & Imperial units for complete ease of use.

Be sure to have your Sourdough Starter Ready because there is no better way tobegin makingArtisan****Sourdough Croissants than with this class!

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Make Artisan Butter Croissants!
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