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Loosening Up! Perfectly Imperfect Watercolor

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Welcome to this fun and lighthearted approach to watercolor!  This class is for anyone, from beginners to more advanced painters, who want to loosen up and play more with watercolor painting.  We begin with supplies and move our way through several painting practices from flowers to cats but staying open to whatever creativity shows up in the moment!

Although the project invites you to play with flowers and possibly cats, the main point of this class is to jump in and follow the flow of paint and inspiration while staying open to the unexpected.  Anything goes as we play and loosen up with our creativity.

A prompts list is available to help kick start some ideas beyond flowers and cats and can be found to the right as a downloadable PDF.

The supplies with links can also be found as a downloadable PDF.

If you are interested in working along with other artists, consider joining the Daily Creating Group on Facebook.  This is an easy going group that supports and encourages each other as we create daily or as often as possible. (No rules here!). You can find the group here:

If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out in the Discussion section.  I’m here to help in whatever way possible as you explore watercolor creating with ease and joy!

Remember, this is a class all about loosening up and having fun.  It is about seeing the perfection in imperfection and flowing with inspiration in the moment.  Leave your expectation at the door and open to what is yet unknown, the mystery of creativity!

Music used in order of videos:

1 Kick_the_Can The Mini Vandals, 2 Bongo_Madness-Quincas Moreira, 3 Mr_Sunny_Face Wayne Jones, 4 Tango_de_la_Noche-Wayne Jones, 5 Merengue_de_Limon Quincas Moreira

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Loosening Up!  Perfectly Imperfect Watercolor
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