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Logo Design Basics: Develop a Memorable Brand Identity

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Demystify the art of logo design with a simple, beginner-friendly process!

Logos are small symbols that tell big stories. As a graphic designer, it's your job to make that story as memorable as possible. That's where Shantanu Kumar comes in: as a designer and YouTuber, he's developed hundreds of logos for brands big and small. In this class, he breaks down his process step-by-step, sharing how to develop memorable logos using symbolism, color theory, and typography. It's a process he taught himself, and one anyone can replicate!

Working through a logo from start to finish, Shantanu shares how to:

  • Research and use a creative brief to kickstart the design process
  • Build a mind map and moodboard to guide your design
  • Sketch then digitize your ideas to infuse your logo with an artistic touch
  • Integrate color psychology for more visual impact

Plus, Shantanu shares his tips on differentiating between good and bad logo design, so your work stands up to the big brands and shines wherever it appears, from social to print to web.

As the centerpiece of brand identity design, logos are an essential ingredient in every successful designer’s portfolio. Whether you’re building that body of work, launching your own brand, or pitching client projects, Shantanu’s straightforward formula will give you the tools to tell brand stories in an artistic and impactful way!

This class is for anyone interested in exploring the fundamentals of logo design, especially beginner designers. Shantanu works in Adobe Illustrator, but all you need is pen, paper and any design software. Download the sample project brief to get started!

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Logo Design Basics: Develop a Memorable Brand Identity
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