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Learn to Design Arts and Crafts Patterns - Part 1

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This is a course about creating Arts and Crafts patterns with stylized, layered motifs - as the patterns by William Morris and his fellow designers during the last decades of the 19th century.

As the patterns of the Arts and Crafts Movement are very eclectic with many different influences and types of patterns I decided to create a series of courses - where this course is the first.

In each part of this series you will learn how to create Arts and Crafts styled patterns in a specific category: Trailing, Serpentine, Scrolled and Paired and at the same time learn more about advanced pattern pattern design principles and techniques.

This is what you will learn in this first part of the Arts and Crafts series:

  • The history and background of the Arts and Crafts Movement and it’s designers
  • The influences that has formed and shaped the Arts and Crafts design style
  • The characteristics of the style in terms of themes, composition and layout, typical motifs and color schemes
  • My step by step process for designing Arts and Crafts patterns
  • How to plan your Arts and Crafts pattern
  • How to design Arts and Crafts patterns in the category I call Trailing patterns
  • How to draw motifs in a typical Arts and Crafts stylized way with a row of drawing exercises
  • How to draw a straight repeat in the old school way using a grid
  • How to create an Arts and Crafts inspired color scheme for your pattern
  • How to color your motifs in Illustrator
  • How to create the digital repeat in Illustrator

At the end of this course you will have the skills and knowledge how to create complex and layered Arts and Crafts inspired patterns of trailing branches in a straight repeat.

This course is for you who have longed for being able to create patterns in the Arts and Crafts style and want to level up your pattern design technique, improve your drawing skills and develop your personal design style.

This is an intermediate to advanced course, so in order to follow along I recommend you have some basic knowledge on how to create patterns in Adobe Illustrator as this is the software we will use in class.

If you want some more guidance and support on how to create your own Trailing Arts and Crafts pattern design I have created this workshop as an extra resource alongside this course to help you throughout the process.

During 3 weeks you will receive 10 emails, each one with encouraging and actionable steps and extra resources that will help you move forward in the design process.

After 3 weeks and completing the workshop steps you will have your first compelling and layered pattern in the Arts and Crafts style!

- To include in your portfolio, or print on fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap or any other product you want to make.

Sign up below to join the workshop and receive your welcome and preparation email + your extended workshop workbook today!

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I’m Bärbel Dressler, a pattern designer and online teacher from Sweden. Besides being passionate about pattern design I’m also a history nerd and love historical pattern styles.

On my Skillshare profile page you can see my other courses on historical and classic pattern styles like Toile de Jouy, Indian Florals, Paisley and Damask patterns as well as my drawing and illustration courses.


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Learn to Design Arts and Crafts Patterns - Part 1
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