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Learn Tkinter from scratch to create desktop applications

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Welcome to this Tkinter class.

We know that Python became the most popular programming language and a lot of like to share his work with friends professors... But sometimes it is a little bit ugly to share a script instead of sharing something more accurate like a GUI that could be used by anyone.

In this class, we will cover one of the best tools available in python to create desktop applications, which is called Tkinter.

We will start with the basics then we will go to some professional tasks, using always Tkinter and some additional libraries.

What we will cover in this class?

In this class, we will cover all the stuff that you need to create a desktop application, starting from basics and we go step by step until you will be able to create a great GUI to share with your friends or your professors.

Who can follow this class?

This class is for anyone who wants to create a desktop application from scratch using python, even if he has never used python it is okay because we will see step by step how you can solve your problems.

What do you need to follow this class?

Actually, you need only a PC to write the code, it doesn't matter if you have windows, mac, or Linux as an OS because Tkinter comes with python by default and it is executable in any operating system.

Why should you learn Tkinter?

As a programmer, all the time you have to create some projects for your study if you are a student or for your boss if you are an engineer. And by the end of your project, you have to share your work so that they can supervise it, now here comes the role of Tkinter because I think that when you want to share your work it is preferably to share it as an application which is user friendly and anyone can use it instead of sharing only some scripts that not anyone can run it.

And once you finish your projects in your study or in your internship, it is a great idea if you have a portfolio that contains all the projects that you have made until now so that it will be easy for recruiters to understand what you did during your career.

What you will learn after this class?

After this class, you will be able to create your own GUIs for any project your are working on.

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Learn Tkinter from scratch to create desktop applications
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