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Learn How To Increase Your Website Speed ~ 2022 ~ A WordPress Speed Optimization Tutorial

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CLASS DESCRIPTION This WordPress speed optimization video, designed for beginners, teaches you how to increase your website speed in 30 minutes or less. You will learn to speed up WordPress website with no technical skills at all. We will cover how to speed up WordPress website, how to improve GTmetrix WordPress optimization performance scores, explain WordPress optimization terms, and how to make WordPress website faster over all.

Plus, if you watch my WordPress website backup and restore video to learn how to backup your website first, you can optimize your WordPress website without fear of losing your website. Main points covered in this video include how to speed up website in three easy steps that make WordPress fast loading. We will first speed up your WordPress site by upgrading PHP, then learn how to speed up your website using a cache plugin, and finally learn how to make website load faster by optimizing graphics. It could not be easier to improve your site speed, and this how to make WordPress site faster tutorial comes with free professional support, simple leave questions and comments below the video and I will gladly help you at no cost to you.

COURSE SUPPORT I do my best to provide free support to all my students. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions about the class, simply leave me a message under "Discussions" and I will be happy to assist you.

COURSE INDEX Step 1 - Introduction

Step 2 - What We Will Learn

Step 3 - Load Time Defined

Step 4 - Bounce Rate Defined

Step 5 - Why Load Time Matters

Step 6 - Optimal Load Time

Step 7 - Measure Website Load Time

Step 8 - GTmetrix Performance Scores

Step 9 - Pagespeed Score

Step 10 - YSlow Score

Step 11 - Typical Performance Scores

Step 12 - Page Details

Step 13 - GTmetrix Examples

Step 14 - A100% A100%? NO!

Step 15 - A/B Scores with 3 sec Load Time

Step 16 - How To Improve Loadtime

Step 17 - PHP Optimization

Step 18 - WordPress Optimization

Step 19 - Image Optimization

Step 20 - Optimize Your Website

Step 21 - Optimize Your PHP

Step 22 - Purchase WP Rocket Plugin

Step 23 - Initial Website Speed Test

Step 24 - Backup Your Website

Step 25 - Disable Any Cache Plugins

Step 26 - Install WP Rocket Plugin

Step 27 - Adjust WP Rocket Settings

Step 28 - Install Imagify Plugin

Step 29 - Adjust Imagify Settings

Step 30 - Final Website Speed Test

Step 31 - You Finished, Well Done!

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Learn How To Increase Your Website Speed ~ 2022 ~ A WordPress Speed Optimization Tutorial
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