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Leadership in the Digital Age

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Throughout time, business leadership has transformed, up to the point that it is now necessary to take into account that leaders have to interact with up to four generations simultaneously, additionally to managing companies through digital transformation processes. This reality requires new competencies that speed up the necessary changes in companies in the long term.

In the same way, the digital transformation that companies are living implies that company leaders understand the relevance of identifying the human being (their staff and their customers) as the center of technological innovation.

With this course you will be able to:

  • Know the generational leadership styles.

  • Identify the leadership and digital competencies models.

  • Know the principles of “Human-Centered Design”

  • Describe your degree of digital readiness.


**Topic 1:**Leadership styles through time

  • Topic 1.1 Leadership evolution – From analogous to digital leadership
  • Topic 1.2 Leadership models: how to guide multi-functional, multi-generational, multi-cultural, and multi-digital teams

Topic 2: Digital competences

  • Topic 2.1 Digital competencies models
  • Topic 2.2 Digital leadership (digital enablers)

Topic 3: The human being as the center of innovation

  • Topic 3.1 Evolution of the interaction with the customers
  • Topic 3.2 Principles of Human-Centered Design (Note: “the economy of behaviour”)

Topic 4: Digital readiness

  • Topic 4.1 Description of the digital readiness
  • Topic 4.2 Create your own digital readiness (Note: Lifelong Learning)

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Leadership in the Digital Age
4 weeks
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