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IoT Systems and Industrial Applications with Design Thinking

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Internet of Things (IoT) and smart connected devices have radically changed the way our world works and how companies operate and create new businesses. Do you want to learn about IoT fundamentals? This is a course for you! In this course we provide an overview of the underlaying IoT technologies and its business applications.

This course is an introduction to IoT and explains why it is a continuously evolving concept with many industrial applications. You will learn the fundamental building blocks of IoT and the fast-changing trends to combine them suitably for a precise industrial application. Join us to learn about the latest IoT concepts and business success stories!

No previous advanced electronics or communication knowledge needed. Join us to start your IoT journey.

  • Overview of what is Internet of Things (IoT) and how to develop a business model canvas.
  • Description of typical IoT components and edge computing concept.
  • Communication standards and Big data cloud infrastructure partners to choose in the case of IoT businesses.
  • Security requirements and techniques in IoT systems.
  • Different types of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and edge AI systems in the context of IoT.
  • Design thinking concept, and how to setup the business model and revenues in IoT.


  • Week 1: Overview of IoT Technologies and Business Links
  • Week 2: Business Model Canvas
  • Week 3: IoT Components and Design Thinking
  • Week 4: Edge AI Sensors Optimization for IoT Applications and Developing Value Propositions
  • Week 5: Communication and Cloud Platforms, and Linking With the Development of Business Models for IoT
  • Week 6: Edge Machine Learning in the IoT Era
  • Week 7: Security in IoT Products and Services

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IoT Systems and Industrial Applications with Design Thinking
7 weeks
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