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Introduction To Watercolor: Painting Magnolia Flowers Using Simple Techniques

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This class Introduces Watercolor Painting not only to beginners, but also to intermediate artists accustomed more to other media than watercolor.

We’ll do a few simple exercises together to give you a good idea about how to handle water on your paper and how to apply the paint. I’ll give you tips about what materials will help you achieve the best results and point out a few useful working habits.

We will then apply these techniques to painting Magnolia Flower Studies. Magnolias are a beautiful subject, their transparency and simple shape makes them a perfect subject for beginner watercolor painting.

What we'll cover in this class:

  • How to set up for painting with watercolor
  • How "Wet in Wet" & "Wet on Dry" watercolor techniques work
  • How to benefit from limited palette of colors
  • How to approach color mixing
  • How to achieve flat color or expressive texture
  • How to create a simple sketch
  • How to transfer your sketches
  • How to paint transparent watercolor washes and gradients
  • How to paint in layers and adjust color
  • How to lift pigment and create soft highlights
  • How to have fun with watercolour splatters

By the end of this class, you should have a clear understanding of how watercolour works and how to use it’s unpredictable nature to your advantage. You will also have three beautiful watercolour magnolia paintings in your hands to be proud of. This will get you started in using watercolour in your own creative way, building upon everything you’ve learnt in this class.

This class is suitable for everyone, who wants to try and explore a new painting technique. Intermediate artists will also benefit from this class, as it might help bring more simplicity into their own process.

I highly recommend to take this class with a brush in your hand, painting along every exercise. This is the only way to develop watercolor painting skills. And you'll love it!

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Introduction To Watercolor: Painting Magnolia Flowers Using Simple Techniques
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