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Introduction to Sociology

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This course is part of Global Freshman Academy (GFA), which means you can earn transferable ASU credit toward your college degree.

Sociology is about people. Each individual is unique and idiosyncratic. Yet, when we come together for a common purpose, we try to conduct ourselves in a manner that will achieve mutually desired outcomes. Sometimes we manage to achieve this; sometimes we don’t. Sociology is about that process. By understanding sociology and how we interact with each other, you can yield more personal and professional success.

In this sociology course, you will learn about the social processes groups of all sizes follow to form, function and evolve over time. You will also learn about the ongoing dynamic individuals actively create in their social environment and how they are shaped by it. This course provides an understanding of how the formation and longevity of a society is possible when its members are diverse in their values, beliefs, preferences and agendas.

You will learn about group dynamics, skills for effective interaction in groups and organizations, and obtain a deeper understanding of how sociology applies to everyday life and current events.

Topics include:

  • Society

  • Culture

  • Socialization

  • Stratification and Inequality

  • Gender Roles

  • Major Social Institutions in the U.S. Including the Family, Government and Education System

  • Deviance and Social Control

  • Social Problems and Social Change

  • Basic sociological theories and concepts

  • How sociology applies to everyday life and current events

  • Enhance your critical thinking and writing skills

  • Become more knowledgeable about and accepting of people who look different than you and have differing beliefs, opinions and perspectives

  • Improve your professional and personal communication skills

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Introduction to Sociology
8 weeks
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