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Introduction to Cancer Biology | 肿瘤生物学概论

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Cancers are a serious threat to people's lives. People are very afraid of cancers but have little knowledge of them. The course will introduce the basic concepts of oncology, the basic knowledge of cancer biology, and the content of clinical oncology. We expect students to pay attention to cancers, understand cancers, increase awareness of cancer prevention, and stimulate students' enthusiasm and interest in cancer research in the future. This course will use the world's authoritative English textbook "The Biology of Cancer" by the famous cancer biologist Robert A. Weinberg as the main bibliography, focusing on the basic concepts of cancer biology and the development of modern science and clinical cancers. Although the course is mainly related to the medical profession, the explanation emphasizes the knowledge explanation based on science, and the non-professional students can apply for study. Students in the fields of medicine, biology, pharmacy, biomedicine, chemistry, physics, etc. have more advantages in this course. The course invites 8 professors and clinical experts from Tsinghua University School of Medicine and Beijing Tsinghua Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to work on cancer research. The strong faculty members bring the most cutting-edge and most advanced course content to students.

  • History of oncology
  • Cancer etiology and pathogenesis
  • Virus and cancer
  • Cell signaling pathway and cancer
  • Common clinical cancer
  • Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancers
  • Cancer and immunity

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Introduction to Cancer Biology | 肿瘤生物学概论
12 weeks
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