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Intro to Digital Audio Recording: Learn the Basics of Reaper DAW

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Whether you’re just learning about recording audio for your podcast, setting up your home studio to record your next single or you're a veteran audio engineer frustrated with Avid ProTools, this course is the place to start.  You’ll learn the basics of Reaper DAW from tips on preferences to steps for rendering your final mix. I'll also give you downloadable sample tracks so you can follow along.

As a recording engineer of 10+ years, I've tried many of the digital audio workstations out there and landed on Reaper for a few reasons:

  • You can have way more tracks and plugins in your session than other DAWs out there
  • When you make edits or move things around, it's never deleting or changing the original audio files
  • It's a full 64bit platform
  • It's very customizable for advanced users or users coming from other DAWs, but it's also very intuitive for people just starting out
  • It's cost effective.  You can download a free 60 day trial or purchase a basic 1 user license for $60

What You'll Learn In This Class:

  1. How to configure your audio interface

  2. How to configure Reaper to find your plugins

  3. Other basic preferences and tips

  4. How to setup your tracks and use the track window

  5. Basic track grouping and routing

  6. Using the mix window and plugins

  7. Rendering your master mix and exporting tracks

I'll also be available in the discussion group for any questions or feedback and you can always reach me at


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Intro to Digital Audio Recording: Learn the Basics of Reaper DAW
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