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Indoor Gardening: Grow Houseplants, Veggies, and Herbs

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You don’t need a yard or even a patio to create a garden oasis in your home — just the know-how that YouTuber and scientist-turned-gardener Ekta Chaudhary of Garden Up is happy to share!

Ekta loves plants. She loves them so much, in fact, she got a PhD in ecology, all the better to understand her leafy green friends. Living in Mumbai, India, Ekta always had sunlight but didn’t always have a garden or balcony to grow plants on, and so she became determined to figure out the best ways for her plants to thrive even indoors. Now, she’s sharing her whole process with you!

Do you want your own harvest of spinach, or fresh basil whenever you crave it? Do you want to hang with a pothos or stretch alongside a monstera? You’ll learn to grow your own herbs and vegetables, decorative houseplants, and flowers (for the pollinators, of course!) like a scientist with Ekta’s accessible, friendly class! Alongside Ekta, you’ll learn how to:

  • Put together your own soil blend
  • Develop the perfect watering schedule for your plants
  • Cultivate flowers to support bees and attract pollinators
  • Nurture decorative houseplants to keep your home garden lush
  • And grow your own food indoors!

Whether you’re constantly (accidentally) killing your plants or have a pretty good track record and want to try something a little more challenging, Ekta’s class is the perfect one to help you build your home oasis.

This class is built for newcomers to plant husbandry or folks who have experienced, ahem, challenges keeping plants alive, but all are welcome to join and explore with Ekta.

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Indoor Gardening: Grow Houseplants, Veggies, and Herbs
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