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Individual spanish lesson with a native speaker

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How to choose an ideal tutor

First, think about why you’re looking for a tutor. Depending on your goal, use filters to find your perfect tutor faster: • Choose the subject you want to study • Set your comfortable price per hour • If you have preferences for a specific accent, select tutor’s country, or filter by native speakers • Specify the time when you want to learn • If you have a specific need, like lessons for kids or Business English, use the ‘Specialties’ filter to narrow tutors by areas of expertise. After applying filters, you’ll see a list of tutors to choose from. Our ranking algorithm considers all your filter preferences and puts the best tutors on top. Even new tutors can come on top if they fit your needs — they can be a great choice, too! Here are some more tips to help you choose: • Watch tutor videos to hear their pronunciation and understand their personality a bit. • Open the tutor profile by clicking on their name. You’ll learn more about the tutor's experience and teaching style. • Check reviews and ratings from other students to make an informed choice.

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Individual spanish lesson with a native speaker
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