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Individual german lesson with Lee L.

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About my life

I was born in 1964 in West Berlin. I studied in Stuttgart. I then opened my own business as a freelance creative director for various companies in Germany who are designing and staging exhibitions at company events. Much of my work has been to travel to different countries in Europe to demonstrate and teach staff members about the various products. This was always done in English and I was responsible for the translation of information from German to English. In 2010, I moved to Thailand and initially taught German to hotel employees through English and then opened my own travel agency. During this time I spent 5 years studying the Thai language including reading and writing. I also worked as a freelance translator in Thailand to translate and edit documents for individuals and different schools.

I have great interest in the theater as well as cinema and I have participated in many amateur productions. I have appeared as an interviewer in a German documentary film and have given several appearances as comedians. I sing with several local bands, I also paint in watercolor, oil and acrylic, and work with graphic design that designs maps, posters, album covers, website logos and big canvases for the public and private individuals.

I have been teaching very successfully on Preply ,

the most successful language platform for 5 years now.

My students' opinion is the best qualification!

Those who learn with me will have a lot of joy, fun and success.

My teaching methods are 100% different from all the other teachers.

Try it and experience fun and success.

I'm happy for you

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Individual german lesson with Lee L.
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