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Individual french lesson with Laura Y.

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Why should you choose me?

Hello , my name is Laure, a native French speaker (perfectly bilingual though) , holder of a bachelor's degree in Finance, certified french as a second language teacher for all level and age student.

In addition to being bilingual , I worked as a volunteer French translator for an international NGO (where I had the privilege of meeting and learning about different cultures and accents), and i taught MORE THAN 10 000 LESSONS.

Thanks to my different experiences, I have been able to implement a unique approach that has proven itself and helped hundreds of students (from absolute beginners to advanced students) from all over the world.

If you have been exposed to French in the past (fake beginner), i will send you a personalized placement test to detect all your different gaps. Based on your results, I will design a specific learning plan that will help you achieve your goals.

This plan will consist of grammar lessons done by me on slide with audios for pronunciation, translation exercises, role-playing, discussions oriented to your areas of interest and podcasts.

Once a week, for those students who are interested, we organize group classes and book club meetings with students of the same level and age group to practice conversation.

I am passionate about teaching and helping people to improve their language skills. I also like to know more about my students' culture and experiences to know them better and understand their personality in order to have a better interaction with the learner.

If you are a zero level student, a fake beginner, a student with an intermediate or advanced level, if you want your child to learn or improve his/ her French, if you are a Canadian public worker and you have to take a French level test, if you want to take an international French test (DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF, TEFAQ, AP, GCE ..) or for any other personal or professional purposes?



Trust the different reviews and book the trial lesson ;I can guarantee you that you will "speak that French".

I have more many years of teaching experience, and i am a native French as a second language teacher.

Book a trial lesson with me so i can assess your level (if you're a fake beginner) , and based on your results and expectations, i will provide the appropriate learning plan and approach for you.

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Individual french lesson with Laura Y.
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