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Inclusive Growth: Labor Markets, Gender, and Technology

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This course examines inclusive growth from a labor market perspective. It explains how an inclusive labor market is not only important for an individual's economic well-being, but also helps the economy operate more efficiently. It discusses some of the determinants of labor market outcomes, including the important issue of discrimination, and how it could be addressed. It also explores how artificial intelligence and technological advancements affect labor market inclusivity and introduces possible policy options to steer technological progress in a direction that helps inclusivity. Finally, the course addresses gender discrimination and the potential gains of gender inclusion and what policies can be implemented to help reduce the many dimensions of the gender gap.

  • Describe what it means for a labor market to be inclusive
  • Interpret indicators of labor market inclusiveness
  • Examine determinants of labor market outcomes, including an individual’s attributes, the economic cycle, shocks, and technology
  • Investigate the consequences of informality and duality in the labor market
  • Analyze gender inequality and its negative economic implications
  • Discuss what policy makers can do to enhance inclusiveness while weighing posible tradeoffs between equity and efficiency

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Inclusive Growth: Labor Markets, Gender, and Technology
2 weeks
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