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Improving Supply Chain Performance through Demand Planning

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Demand planning has never been so critical to remain competitive in a rapidly changing business environment. Successful companies have to be sure that their demand planning processes are aligned with Supply Chain Management, Inventory Planning Strategies, Sales and Operations Planning, Integrated Business Planning, and Collaborative Planning best practices.

In this course, that is part of the edX Professional Certificate program to become a Certified Forecaster and Demand Planner (CFDP), you will learn how demand planning can improve supply chain processes and become a competitive advantage; by reducing shortages and improving customer satisfaction.

CFDP certified professionals are globally preferred by recruiters for decision making positions because they are capable to lead successful planning processes, coordinate partnerships and conduct global supply chain initiatives like CPFR.

To become an ISCEA Certified Forecaster and Demand Planner (CFDP), you must complete all three preparatory courses and successfully pass the CFDP Exam.

  • Supply chain management essentials and inventory planning fundamentals and their role in achieving a balance between supply and demand.
  • How to lead Demand Planning Processes in the context of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and Collaborative Planning (CPFR).
  • How Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) enable the integration between strategic planning and everyday operations.
  • How to communicate a forecast and achieve consensus with all functional areas of the organization.
  • How to prioritize demand and define demand prioritazion criteria when facing available inventory constraints.
  • How to collaborate with customers and suppliers to develop collaborative forecasts, and joint replenishment plans.


Section 1.1. Supply chain management essentials

1.1.1. Supply chain essentials

1.1.2. Business processes role in the supply chain

Section 1.2. Inventory planning fundamentals

1.2.1. Inventory fundamentals

1.2.2. Inventory replenishment policies

1.2.3. Dependent demand inventory

Section 1.3. Bullwhip effect

1.3.1. Bullwhip effect fundamentals

1.3.2. Bullwhip effect root causes

Section 1.4. Introduction to sales and operations planning / integrated business planning - S &OP / IBP

1.4.1. Planning fundamentals

1.4.2. Sales and operations planning fundamentals

1.4.3. Maturity of the sales and operations planning process

Section 1.5. Consensus, prioritization and integration with strategic planning

1.5.1. Monthly S&OP executive meeting

1.5.2. Demand prioritization

1.5.3. S&OP Consensus and reconciliation

Section 1.6. Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)

1.6.1. CPFR Fundamentals

1.6.2. CPFR process tasks

1.6.3. CPFR 2.0 CPFR 2.0

1.6.4. CPFR implementation

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Improving Supply Chain Performance through Demand Planning
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