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Illustrated Environments: Draw a Stylised Landscape Scene in Procreate

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In this class you'll learn how to design and illustrate stylised landscape environments to create compelling scenery and backgrounds.

I’ll be using my iPad Pro with Procreate in my demonstrations but feel free to use your preferred drawing tools.

Illustrating environments can provide quite a technical challenge as there are a lot of aspects we have to consider at once, such as composition, perspective, colour, and lighting, not to mention coming up with creative ideas and conveying mood and story. But don’t worry, because in this class I break all these aspects down into easy-to-follow lessons and exercises so that when it comes to drawing our scenes, you can spend less time worrying about these challenges and more time conveying atmosphere and imagination.

Throughout the class we'll cover:

  • Achieving a sense of depth and perspective in your scenes
  • Accentuating a focal point within your composition
  • Stylising your elements using shape language
  • Bringing your scene to life with lighting and atmospheric effects
  • Illustrating a landscape scene from start to finish

I'll be guiding you step-by-step through these techniques for creating immersive compositions so that by the end of this class you'll be fully equipped to create your own striking landscape.

Whether you're a beginner who enjoys drawing individual objects or characters but have never composed a scene before, or you're an experienced illustrator just looking to improve your skills in this area, this class is packed full of tips and tricks that will be useful to all levels.

And while I’ll be showing you some handy tips for stylising your individual elements, we won’t be going into too much detail on how to draw these from scratch, so some basic drawing skills will be helpful in following along.

So if you’re ready to make some gorgeous scenes, I’ll see you in the class!

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Illustrated Environments: Draw a Stylised Landscape Scene in Procreate
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