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ICOs(Participating and launching a cryptocurrency)

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What is this class about ?

This class will address different aspects of launching a cryptocurrency. It will cover how to invest in a coin before it goes mainstream as well as how to create your own coin and sell it. A major focus is on the necessary steps, preferably for beginners.

Who is supposed to do this class?

Someone who loves the world of cryptocurrency will definitely love this course. However, if you are interested in participating in ICOs, that is to say, buying one or joining a team creating one this class is for you. More so if you planning to create an ICO, then this can be a guide for your first steps. In this case however, l advise you to research further on the topic before launching straight away.

Why this class?

This class is key for someone who is willing to adapt to the ever-evolving business world. With the coming of web 3, you will need to be prepared. Investing and financing have long been disrupted by blockchain. Therefore it is key that you take note of nuances that came with cryptocurrencies and adapt.

The course is beginner-friendly. I advise you to finish it. In the end, there I focus on how to avoid scams. The world of cryptocurrencies is savage and people lose money. With that being said, it will be in your best interest to be cautious in your dealings.

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ICOs(Participating and launching a cryptocurrency)
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