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How to Develop Self-Worth and Make it Stick

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Know Your Worth and become the best version of yourself!

"At some point in our lives we have felt less than someone else or not worthy of a better life, frustrated, unable, weak and much more. For many of us those ideas have become part of who we are. However, are we really only what we believe or is there another way to see our lives and what we can do about it?"

Discover and Transform your life by creating a simple system with Self-worth experts and coaches David Bejarano and Francesco Samarelli.

  • Are you struggling with your self-worth or valuing who you are?

  • Are you trying to find a way to understand what is holding you back in life?

  • Is it important to you to create a healthier and more positive perception of yourself?

If you can relate to these questions, well, you are not alone. We, both, have struggled and had the same desire to learn what was necessary to make the important change in our lives. After years of self-sabotage, low self-worth and constant pity parties, we found help and transformed our perceptions of ourselves with a new way of thinking, a new lifestyle that brings us here today!

Key lessons include:

  • Understanding Self-Worth

  • Defining our fears

  • Dissecting our limiting beliefs

  • Implementing essential tips

  • Conscious and Consistent habit training

Whether you’re a going through a tough time understanding your self-worth or want to build on top of you have already created, this class is your ticket to a better understanding of what it takes. In just one hour, you will have the tools you need to go after the best version of yourself.

P.S. To get the most out of the class. Please take advantage of the PDF included, as well as the course project.

Remember we are always here to help with any thoughts about self-worth. Message us directly and expect a quick response!

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How to Develop Self-Worth and Make it Stick
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