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High Conflict in Law: An Introduction

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Are you familiar with ‘high-conflict’ behaviours? What are they, and how can you effectively work with high-conflict people? Learn about high-conflict behaviours through this introductory course co-developed by the world-leading experts, Bill Eddy and Megan Hunter, co-founders of the High Conflict Institute in the U.S, and Tania Sourdin, Head of School and Dean at Newcastle Law School in Australia.

In this course, we will explore high-conflict behaviours and provide you with some strategies and skills for handling them in legal disputes and business settings. Guided by real-world examples, you will gain an understanding of the causes and impacts of high-conflict behaviour, and learn effective responses in high-conflict situations. The course will assist you in further developing your skills in conflict resolution and problem-solving.

This course is aimed at anyone who may encounter high-conflict behaviours in a wide range of situations, particularly in a business or legal setting, including:

  • Lawyers or students studying law

  • Business owners

  • Managers

  • HR professionals

  • Administrators

  • Health and medical practitioners.

  • Categorise common high-conflict behaviours.

  • Describe common high-conflict behaviours.

  • Outline causes and impacts of high-conflict behaviours.

  • Explain how an individual could effectively respond to a high-conflict situation.

  • Develop responses to deal with high-conflict situations.


Week 1: Introducing High-Conflict Behaviours

  • Defining high conflict
  • Recognising high-conflict behaviours

Week 2: Causes and Impacts of High-Conflict Behaviours

  • When do unmanaged emotions become high-conflict?
  • How does high-conflict behaviour affect theworkplace, the individual and others?

Week 3: Cycle of High-Conflict

  • Predictive behaviour patterns of high-conflict people
  • De-escalating and responding to high conflict

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High Conflict in Law: An Introduction
3 weeks
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