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Healthcare Administration Comprehensive Exam

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This capstone exam includes the evaluation of the competencies and performance tasks, which define a successful healthcare administrator.

This capstone exam is part of the DoaneX Healthcare Administration MicroMasters program that is designed to provide you with the in-depth knowledge and skills needed to be a successful healthcare administrator throughout various healthcare systems. In order to qualify for the MicroMasters Credential, you will need to earn a Verified Certificate in each of the three DoaneX Healthcare Administration courses as well as pass this final capstone exam.

The capstone exam will test knowledge across all three courses. It will be a webcam proctored timed exam.

This capstone exam is an assessment of the knowledge and various skills you’ve attained throughout the MicroMasters program. They include:

  • How to use management and leadership frameworks, theories, and case studies to address complex issues in healthcare organizations.
  • How to identify evidence based methods for planning, organizing, leading, and advocating for patients, families and communities in the public health sector.
  • How to manage the economic environment in healthcare.
  • How to apply Financial Management techniques to prepare budgets, financial forecasts, assess investment alternatives, and leverage capital structures within healthcare organizations.
  • How to evaluate the value of new healthcare delivery systems and interventions on the basis of quality, safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness using accumulated data.
  • How to evaluate health policy as it applies to industry economics, needs demands and quality of care.
  • How to apply advocacy skills including quality of care, patients-rights, cultural competency and preventative care.
  • How to demonstrate an understanding of healthcare system providers, financing, consumerism, past and future trends and regulatory and legal framework.
  • How to apply leadership frameworks, skills and functions of management in planning, organizing leadership and systems control.

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Healthcare Administration Comprehensive Exam
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